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Why Samsun?

Samsun has the strongest industry and commerce in the Black Sea Region with its proximity to transportation, energy infrastructure and the great markets of the north. In addition to the advantages provided by the presence of all transportation facilities such as national and international highway connections, three trade ports, international airport and railway, Samsun is the most important investment centre of the region with its developed infrastructure, investment areas and qualified labour force potential.


Samsun, A New Start

The city of the first step in the history of liberation of the Republic of Turkey, Samsun is the place where Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and fellow fighters took the first step during the War of Independence, where the torch of liberation was lit.

North’s Shining Star

The north gate of Turkey and the Black Sea's only metropolis, Samsun is a city affecting, directing and determining the region and the area surrounding it.

Views from Samsun

A small view from Samsun of the Central Black Sea region, which is the focus of all investors with its unique nature, developing and growing agriculture, economy and industry...


High Potential

Samsun offers convenient opportunities for investors in many fields including logistics, health, food, agriculture and tourism and provides an attractive investment environment.

Region’s Logistic Base

Samsun offers easy, fast and economical transportation opportunities to domestic and foreign markets with its land, rail, sea and air connections, geographical position and economic potential.

  • With its economy and population, Samsun is the largest city of the Black Sea Region.
  • A city that has hosted thousands of years of history and many civilizations, Samsun is still the largest city of the region in terms of socioeconomic aspects
  • Samsun has made a name for itself in health equipment industry, especially in the production of surgical hand tools in the international arena
  • Samsun has the potential to be one of the logistic bases of Turkey with the advantages given by its suitable infrastructure and geographical position.
  • Samsun ... the historic monument on fertile lands, on which the civilizations were built.

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